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Pre-sale 10 Mln BDL Buyback guarantee

About Boodle cryptocurrency

Boodle is a new dynamicaly growing cryptocurrency with its own blockchain technology.

Boodle has been created for fast anonymous payments with minimum transaction fees and the possibility to send encrypted messages throughout the whole Boodle network.

Platform functions

The Boodlex platform supports the purchase and sale of your Boodle cryptocurrency. The BoodleX platform acts as the only distributor for the purchase and sale of your Boodle cryptocurrency.


Is to manage your Boodle cryprocurrency in a safe way. The Wallet has the possibility of receving and sending encrypted messages. Download here.

Exchange platform

The Boodle Exchange platform provides the means to purchase vouchers from the agent. Subsequently, it supports voucher exchange to Boodle coins. Payment can be arranged online via the payment gateway.

Mining and profit

Due to the simple and low energy consuming algorithm “Proof of Stake” you can easily participate in transactions on the network as a Boodle coins owner.

Direct payment at merchants

Would you like to be BoodleX partner and accept Boodle coins currency as one of your payments methods? Please contact the support line here.

Payment card

We are preparing the option to have a prepaid card issued for your Boodle coins currency which will enable you to pay at merchants, withdraw cash from ATM's anywhere in the world and/or use it to manage your private finances.

Bonus program

Spend at least 250 Euro on the purchase of Boodle coins and gain an abundance of bonuses that we have to offer.


Your puchase, payment and wallet are 100% secured by HTTPS protocol TLS v1.2 with 128-bits encryption.




Road map

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  • 09/2015

    Project visions.

  • 11/2015

    Project resources analysis and planning.

  • 01/2016

    Businnes plan finalized.

  • 02/2016

    Purchase and sale work based on its own platform get started.

  • 05/2016

    Project management setup.

  • 07/2016

    Project and developent team setup.

  • 09/2016

    The system process integration started.

  • 10/2016

    New Boodle cryptocurrency and desktop wallet developement.

  • 01/2017

    Negotiation with first merchants.

  • 03/2017

    Negotiations with banks.

  • 03/2017

    Cooperation with key partners setup.

  • 05/2017

    Setup and extension of the distribution network.

  • 04/2017

    Testnet launch.

  • 05/2017

    Conditions setup for merchants who accept Boodle coins.

  • 06/2017

    Business team setup.

  • 08/2017

    Processes finalisation.

  • 09/2017

    Genesis block creation.

  • 09/2017

    Initial coins offering (ICO) of Boodle currency – 10 000 000 BDL.

  • 09/2017

    Official sale of Boodle coins start.

  • 09/2017

    New web pages design.

  • 11/2017

    Boodle Blockchain Explorer.

  • 11/2017

    Multilingual web page version.

  • 12/2017

    Boodle wallet issuing for Android.

  • Q1/2018

    Two-factor authentication.

  • Q1/2018

    Acceptance of Boodle coins at merchants.

  • 04/2018

    Exchange - listing the most important cryptocurrencies.

  • 2H/2018

    Payment cards distribution to Boodle coin holders.

  • Q3/2017

    Boodle wallet issuing for iOS.

  • 09/2018

    1st year Anniversary of Genesis block foundation.

  • Q1-Q2/2019

    New generation upgrades and news.

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Main Advantages

The sale of Boodle coins is provided by a Czech company.

Fast secure transactions with minimum fees.

Once on the coin market exchange, you can trade with other cryptocurrencies.

Czech merchants are already interested in accepting Boodle coins.

Purchase Boodle coins in the ICO phase before we enter the market exchange.

The cornerstone of the Boodle project is cryptocurrency mining of a total of 35,000,000 coins. After 10,000,000 coins are sold in the ICO phase, the next 20,000,000 coins will be distributed among all members based on their wallet balance in a 2:1 ratio. The remaining 5,000,000 coins are then assigned to Boodle developement and as the developer’s commission.


Pre-Sale Boodle Coins Stock

23.51 %

2,350,595 / 10,000,000 coins sold

To be sold: 7,649,405 BDL

Buyback guarantee

Our company is the only one on the market that offers and guarantees the buyback of an unlimited amount of coins at 70% of the current exchange rate. You can make use of this offer until 10,000,000 coins have been sold. Then you can sell Boodle coins at any of the official coin market exchanges.


Current Rate

0.298143 €

0.208700 €



Čas Typ Cena BDL Kurz Změna kurzu

Exchange rate progress


Exchange rate with amount of sold coins

The progress of exchange rate shown bellow.

Let’s start

How to Purchase Boodle

  1. Register with your \'referral\' registration link
  2. Download and register your wallet for your purchased coins
  3. Connect your account with your wallet in the Backoffice
  4. Purchase the voucher for the desired amount then exchange the voucher for Boodle coins.

How to Sell Boodle

  1. Type in the amount of coins you would like to sell in your wallet
  2. Send Boodles to your BDL address in BoodleX.
  3. Wait for the bank transfer of your money to arrive in your bank account.


Our Partners who are accepting Boodle